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Is the battery safe?

Yes. We use Sanyo cells, full copper channels, balanced charging and discharging, and a hard case with shock absorbing silicone inserts separating the cells from the exterior.

Is it street legal?

We currently do not offer a motor that complies with EU or US e-bike street regulations. Our products are for off-road private-track use only. Hermes can be integrated into a frame to produce an S-Pedelec bike, and we encourage any manufacturers who are interested to contact us!

What are the warranty terms?

The warranty for the Hermes Motor (mechanical and electronic components) is 3 years. The warranty for the Hermes Battery is 2 years.

Why is the battery in a backpack?

Our main goal in designing our motors is to provide the best possible riding experience. We tested batteries on and off the frame, and we found that moving the weight from the frame to the rider provided better weight distribution, more responsive suspension, a more agile vehicle, and a more exciting ride!

Can I install the motor myself?

Installation requires rebuilding the bicycle's bottom bracket. Special tools are required, and getting alignment correct is essential for having a safe and smooth ride. We recommend that installation be performed by a skilled bicycle technician who is sufficiently experienced that there is no concern of damage to the bike or the drive system. We offer training to bike shops that wish to sell Paradox Kinetics motors. We offer phone support to individuals who wish to install on their own.

Do I need to purchase new components, so that the motor can be installed on my bicycle?

The kit is all-inclusive! A Motor, a battery, charger, BB kit, backpack, and throttle. If you have a ready working bicycle, then the kit contains everything you need to convert it.

Is my bicycle suitable for a Paradox Kinetics motor?

There are two major factors to consider: BB and Chainstay geometry, and frame strength. Our motors are designed to mount to the bottom bracket of most bikes and we support all major standards: For BSA BBs (Threaded 68mm-120mm) ISCG-05 is recommended but not necessary.
For Press fit shells (BB-30, PF-30, BB92, BB102) an ISCG-05 mount is required. There are some frames with unusual geometries that present problems. A short chainstay may not have enough room for our drive gear and chainring. A narrow BB on a Fat or Fatty bike will present a bad chainline and lower gears may become unavailable. It is a good idea to ask us about your frame before you order your motor so that we can confirm installation will be without issue. Paradox Kinetics motors will propel bikes to speeds not typically attainable under pedal power, so it is important to select a frame that is sufficiently durable. We generally recommend higher-end mountain frames, particularly in the Enduro and DH categories.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do!
You may contact us by email at for more details.

What is your return policy?

Even though we want you to love this e-motor as much as we do, we know it is not for everyone. If you would like to return your Paradox Kinetics motor, you can do so by contacting us with your reason for return within 14 days of your purchase. We will provide you with return instructions.


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