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Adaptive Riding with paradox kinetic

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

In the Latest News from Chain Reaction Cycles we learn about Liam Keenan, a paraplegic, who's back on the mountain after retrofitting his mountain bike with a Hermes e-bike motor.

Chain Reaction Cycles Latest News

"The bike is powered by a Paradox Kinetics 1500-watt Hermes mid-drive motor, which allows Liam to get up to 50kmh on the bike."

Liam Keenan was left a paraplegic after a tragic mountain biking accident. Thanks to some grit, and an innovative bucket seat and the Hermes e-bike motor by Paradox Kinetic, he's back in the saddle. See the full story at the link below.

Chain Reaction Cycle Latest News: Bike check – Liam Keenan’s bucket seat MTB

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